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Bowman Design Works, in Salt Lake City, Utah is your best choice for custom web design, website repairs, print graphic design.

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Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, for over 20 years, Bowman Design Works has consistently offered a full range of effective graphic design and web-based solutions. From inexpensive informational websites, to larger more interactive e-commerce sites with optional Content Management Systems (CMS), user accounts and high levels of site interactivity.

We can work for you as a solo freelancer, or by collaborating with your existing team of internal design and I.T. professionals.

We also offer on-demand analysis of your website's overall user experience and SEO effectiveness, as well as website repair for those clients that cannot start over but need repairs or updates to their existing web presence.

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Team Player — We understand that often, success comes from being able to work well with others as part of a team. When you succeed, we succeed. We have successfully worked with existing internal design and I.T. staff, but we can also handle most projects from start-to-finish all on our own. We offer a complete suite of services from user-interface design, to process flow, to back-end database functions, custom/Worpdress admin panels and website repair.

Source Code Access — We believe so much in collaboration that we make sure all of the HTML, Javascript, PHP, and mySQL code we create for your project is always made available to you. We also make sure that all of our code is commented and readable, making it much easier for other qualified people to adapt, update, and improve.


We Listen — By taking the time to listen to our client's goals and needs, we are able to help scale the project up or down to best meet their current and future needs. It also allows us to recommend the most appropriate hosting, and server technologies to achieve their goals.

Tech Agnostic — At Bowman Design Works, we believe that there is no single, best solution for all situations. That is why we always strive to find the technology, API, platform, or system that best fits our client's needs. We never alter your project to fit a solution, we find a solution to fit your project.


Professional — These days, there are many people trying to provide web development to businesses.

Sadly, there is an ever-growing number of unqualified people trying to provide professional design and development services to your business. It can be almost impossible to spot them before you have invested too much time or money on a poorly created website

Many times, your designer disappears after the initial project is over and you are unable to reach them for updates, improvements, and repairs.

Don't Worry — Instead of starting over from scratch, we can often assess your site and perform improvements, helping bring your site back to life. We can make sure it is compatible across mobile, tablet and desktop devices as well as fix internal bugs.

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Looking Good — Not only is it critical that your site be well-built internally, it needs to look good as well. Your web presence is your face to the world. Now, more than ever, it is critical to control how your customers perceive your company. Don't leave your brand image to chance, take control and make it work for you as much as possible.

To help you be the best you can be, we offer professional graphic design services for print and web. Whether it is a landing page, a full website, trade show booth, poster, logo design, collateral, brochures, banners, or product packaging — we're here to help.

Our principal designer, Clarence Bowman, is as dedicated to his design and programming skills as he is to his fine art, writing, and music. We are always striving to sharpen our creative skills.

Multi Talented — Between our in-house photo studio, illustrator, copy-writer, programmer, and designer, we have the tools and skills to create whatever content you require, whether it is background music for presentations, website animations, illustrations, or product photos.